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10 Best Blockchain Courses 2021

Are you yearning to become a blockchain developer or professional? You need to take an excellent Blockchain course that will help you become a pro. The majority of companies are implementing blockchain technology to increase efficiency in their operations. So, it would be best if you learnt this technology to build a successful career.

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This article will learn about the ten best blockchain courses that you should consider taking before the end of 2021. These courses are loaded with powerful tools, skills and knowledge required to be a successful blockchain developer.

Let’s dive in.

1. Blockchain developer Nanodegree (Udacity)

Blockchain developer Nanodegree is the best course that gives you hands-on experience learning and creating various blockchain applications. If you’re an engineer, blockchain developer or programmer, this is the best course for you.

The course offers the following:

  • Teaches you how to create decentralized apps, minting tokens and private blockchains.
  • You will learn the basics of blockchain technology
  • You will learn how to develop blockchain on Ethereum and Bitcoin
  • You will get hands-on experience with actual projects
  • You will learn how to use Solidity used in Ethereum smart contracts.

Blockchain developer Nanodegree is an excellent course for blockchain developer beginners. The course offers exceptional technical support from experienced mentors and career support. Additionally, you can interact with a variety of students where you get to learn potential opportunities.

You can enrol in this course here.

2. Blockchain specialization

Blockchain specialization is an excellent course that teaches you all the vital blockchain approaches that help you become an expert in this area. The course teaches you subjects such as coding, designing and smart contracts execution.

Blockchain specialization enables you to design Remix IDE and Solidity. It has a well-outlined overview of its two topics. Additionally, the course will provide numerous practical exercises and homework to assess your progress.

You can learn more about the course here.

3. Blockchain fundamentals

Blockchain fundamentals will give you a deeper understanding of the essentials of blockchain. The course provides a detailed explanation of the relation between Bitcoin and Blockchain. You will learn how to create your blockchain network.

Blockchain fundamentals ensure you become an expert in designing secure apps using blockchain technology. The course is easy to understand and offers practical to ensure you know what you learn.

You can sign up here.

4. Blockchain- principles and practices

This course offers comprehensive blockchain basics and systems that use proof of work instead of proof of stake. Blockchain principles and practices provide professional instructors with well-researched and easy-to-follow content, making it fit for beginners in blockchain development.

You can join this course here.

5. Blockchain A-Z: Learn how to make your first blockchain

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This course teaches all topics in blockchain and smart contract creation. It teaches you how to use blockchain technology to design advanced apps. Blockchain A-Z covers topics such as digital currency transactions, the creation of smart contracts and blockchain reaction.

The course has exceptional instructors that guide you in coding and crypto creation processes. However, to join the blockchain A-Z course, you must be knowledgeable in Python and basic mathematics.

You can get more information about this course here.

6. Blockchain: foundations and use cases

This powerful course teaches you the fundamentals of blockchain technologies. For example, you will learn essential aspects such as blockchain security, why businesses use blockchain, business challenges related to blockchain, and its uses is an ideal course for both developers and non-developers that goes for five weeks.

The course covers a wide variety of topics which are well explained using real examples. Additionally, it presents the actual company working space to help you understand numerous business tactics.

You can sign up here.

7. Blockchain technology on edX

Blockchain technology on edX is an excellent course for you if you dream of becoming a blockchain developer. You will learn about different company-level blockchain applications such as Rendermint, Ripple and HyperLedger. Additionally, you will get to know the uses of blockchain, ICOs and blockchain regulations.

You can join the course using this link.

8. The basics of blockchain and bitcoin fundamentals course

This is a powerful course that is available at Udemy. You learn various fundamentals of Blockchain and bitcoin, digital tokens, smart contracts and digital currency. In addition, you will gain knowledge on bitcoin mining.

This course comes with resources that you can download, quizzes, articles and tutorials. It also offers a Glossary that includes over one hundred bitcoin and blockchain terms. There is no prerequisite for taking the course.

You can join using this site.

9. Blockchain technologies course (MIT Sloan)

MIT Sloan’s course is ideal for remote students who want to get certification in blockchain from MIT. Regardless of whether or not you’re a blockchain expert, you can join it.

The blockchain technologies course by MIT Sloan covers the fundamentals of blockchain technology while focusing on blockchain business networks and other company implementations of blockchain technology.

However, this course is expensive, and some of its content is out-of-date. You can visit this site for more details.

10. Become a blockchain developer with Ethereum and Solidity

The course will teach you how to create smart contracts using Ethereum and Solidity. Using real-world examples offers a wealth of course material to help you build a solid foundation in blockchain and gain practical skills and expertise.

Additionally, you will learn how to develop decentralized applications and how to apply Ethereum in different scenarios. Also covered in the course are various tools used to create, test, and release applications on other platforms and the right strategies for using them.

You can use this link to view the course.

Bottom line

The Blockchain Courses above will lay a good foundation for you to start learning blockchain technology. They will help you gain the required skills that are necessary to become a blockchain pro.

Blockchain technology is flourishing, and it portrays a bright future. Many businesses are using it as a decentralized system. Blockchain technology has made it easier and fast to process transactions. So, take a blockchain course today and start developing your career.

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