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Top 15 Small Business Ideas for Beginners In 2021

If you're starting as an entrepreneur, choosing the best business idea can be challenging.

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Creating a business that fails after a few months isn’t something you want to do. These are the best business ideas to choose as a starting point.

So, let’s dive in.

1.  Dropshipping

Dropshipping allows you to sell products using your website by creating online orders and sending shipping details to the wholesalers. Dropshipping suppliers are responsible for manufacturing, storing, and shipping the product.

Dropshipping is an excellent business idea as it doesn’t need any business costs and inventory. You’ll only have to register on e-commerce platforms such as Shopify with your products and business information then start selling online. Whenever you want to attract more traffic, you can invest in Google Ads.

2. Coffee shop

Owning a coffee shop is a great business idea as it’s flexible, and you don’t need to pay substantial rent expenses. You can start by opening a small kiosk or using a mobile truck.

This business will require you to be very creative to survive in its competitive environment. You can stand out by offering world-class customer service, high-quality coffee, an excellent menu, and having superior custom mug design.

3. Freelance writer

Are you passionate about writing? You can use this skill to generate income. Many companies are willing to pay you for writing blog posts, web content, product reviews, press releases, etc. You’ll only need to improve your skillset by learning SEO, and the course is readily available online. You can reap significant profits from writing as long as you deliver quality that meets your clients’ needs.

Freelance writing is an excellent choice as it does not require heavy capital to start. This business gives you the freedom to work at the comfort of your home or anywhere around the world. To run a freelancing business, you’ll only need to have a laptop or desktop and access to an internet connection.

4. Web development

A study by Internet World Stats shows that more than 4 billion people use the internet. According to Devrix, 6 out of 10 small businesses own a website. So, if you have web development skills, you’re in a better position to meet the increasing demand of designing new websites.

5. Online tutoring

Technological advancement is now increasing access to the internet. The majority of people are undertaking online courses instead of attending full-time classes. Online tutoring is therefore in high demand, and you should consider starting.

You don’t have to incur high costs to start this business. You can start earning by using your expertise to teach people via virtual classes.

6. Interior designer

The interior designing sector is gaining popularity tremendously. The majority of the people are running this business, making it flourish even more.

Whether you have excellent skills in workplace projects, commercial or residential projects, this is the business for you. You will need to have innovative strategies to market yourself to potential clients.

7. Cleaning services

Do you love cleaning your home? You can convert this into a business. This is a robust business that can earn you significant income. It doesn’t require a lot of costs and skills to start. With proper planning, dedication, and excellent marketing strategies, this business can earn you huge profits.

You may require additional staff to help you and of course cleaning supplies and a means of transport. The cleaning services business is straightforward and highly flexible.

8. Uber

If you have a car, you can offer Uber services and earn a decent income. This business will require you to properly maintain your vehicle and be able to deal with different personalities.

Before starting the uber business, you must have a valid driving license. Do background research to see all the requirements needed to start this business.

9. Homemade natural bath products

This is a business you should consider starting. You can make bath products using natural ingredients available in your kitchen. You only need to research to find the perfect ones.

Many consumers are becoming sensitive to the chemicals that shop-bought bath products have. They opt to buy organic bath products that don’t have adverse effects on their bodies and the environment. This is a business worth starting.

10. Real estate agent

Working as a real estate agent can earn you a high income. You will only need a few months to learn how to operate this business. It’s an excellent business you make by helping people get their dream homes according to their budget. Additionally real estate business is flexible.

11. App development

Many companies require applications to run. It would be best if you considered venturing into this profitable business as its starting cost is affordable. You can earn passive income from developing apps for different clients. You will only need to strategise to come up with ways that will give you recurring revenues.

12. Home-based bakery

Do you love baking? You can start a bakery in your own home and start generating income. You can market your skills online via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, you can deliver your end products to people around you.

13. Event planning

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Depending on your expertise, you can organise events such as weddings, company meetings, or birthday parties. Event planning is an excellent business that can get you more customers through referrals. Moreover, you can choose to start a digital event planning company. Here, you may organise online summits or webinars for different companies at a fee.

14. Daycare business

Daycare centres are in high demand since parents want a safe place to leave their children when they work. Although starting a daycare business may require a little more capital, it’s worth the price. The business is flexible and unseasonal.

15. Translation

If you are proficient in more than one language, you can monetise these skills. You can start building portfolios on platforms such as Upwork and gain clients. The translation is the best choice as companies are hiring translators who specialise in various languages. You can also market your translation business on social media platforms to help you gain a wider audience.

Bottom line

You can use the list above to determine which idea fits your budget and ability best. You should, however, make the decision based on your preferences. Make sure the business you choose will generate profits for you. With the information in this article, you will be able to decide which company to start today.

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