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Android vs iPhone: Which type of smartphone is best for you?

Which is the best smartphone - Android or iPhone? Both phones offer fantastic features and user experiences, but they are different.

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The following differences will help you choose the one that suits you best. Let’s get started.



iPhones offer mighty and faster processing power than Android smartphones, which means better performance.

It may be hard to tell the difference between Android phones and iPhones in terms of speed and performance when using them in your daily activities like web browsing and opening apps. You will notice the difference when your phone gets older, maybe two years later. This is where the iPhone shows its extra processing power. Android phones may feel slow as they age, but iPhones maintain excellent performance even after five years.


iPhone offers fewer apps than Android. Research by Statista shows that in Dec 2020, there were 2.87 million on the Google play store, and the Apple Store had 1.96 million apps.

However, the App Store offers top-notch apps and games due to its strictness on the apps it allows. Offering top-quality apps gives App Store more significant revenue than Google Play.

The iPhone offers an excellent environment for better-designed apps to ensure you enjoy a fantastic user experience. Apps launch first on iPhone before they get released on Android phones. Additionally, most iPhone apps implement new iOS features fast, unlike Android apps which may take years to implement new features.

Battery life

Android intelligent phones offer longer battery life than iPhones as they use high capacity batteries. For instance, the battery for iPhone SE (2020) is 1812mAh and doesnt last long. However, if you get an Android smartphone at the same price as this iPhone, you will find it has a battery of 4000mAh or bigger and lasts a whole day, even with heavy usage.

Additionally, Android smartphones support fast charging mechanisms. While the best iPhone uses 18W quick charge, high-end Android phones support 25W fast charging, which means your phone can fully charge within an hour. Nevertheless, you have to spend extra money to purchase a USB PD charger for iPhones as they don’t come with one.

Ease of use

If you are looking for a phone that is user friendly, the iPhone should be your top option. Compared to Android smartphones, iPhones are straightforward to use and offer an excellent user experience. They offer simple, easy-to-understand software to ensure everyone can easily use their phones.


If you are on a tight budget, you will opt to go for an Android smartphone. These phones come at different prices, and it is easy to get a cheap smartphone. Apple’s phones are a bit expensive. For example, their most affordable phone is iPhone SE which goes for around $399.

However, cheap can be expensive sometimes. If you have some money that you are willing to spend on a phone, go for those that will offer you great value for your money. Cheap phones may bring you problems such as poor performance.

Bottom line

Deciding which phone to buy, Android vs iPhone, can be challenging. But that depends on your needs, from battery life, apps, and ease of use to your budget.

Both phones offer fantastic options for people with different preferences. So, to decide which one best suits you, you will have to check the factors that most matter to you.

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