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Windows 11: Everything You Need to Know

Windows 11 is finally here with us. Microsoft launched this super operating system in late June this year. Windows 11 will come with new updates and some powerful features that will help in increasing productivity, creativity, and efficiency.

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The release of Windows 11 comes with a lot of unanswered questions. From the features, it will come with how you’re going to upgrade it on your computer. To answer the many questions you may be having about it, here is everything you need to know about Windows 11.

Let’s dive right in!

What are the new features of Windows 11?

Windows 11 comes with many fabulous new features that could significantly offer you a world-class Windows experience. Here are some great Windows 11 features you need to know.

New design

Windows 11 comes with new changes on the operating system. The Start Menu and Taskbar are easily accessible on ultra displays since they are now in the center. Using cloud and Microsoft 365, the Start button can show recent files regardless of the device or platform you previously used to view them, even if it was an Android or iOS device. Additionally, you can move the Start Menu and the Task Bar to the left of the display if you like.


The new Widgets in Windows 11 provides a personalized feed powered by Artificial Intelligence and utilizes Microsoft Edge for rendering. Windows 11 allows you to watch the news, check the weather and other notifications comfortably. Using Widgets in Windows 11, publishers can deliver personalized content. Windows 11 comes with Widgets such as sports, family safety, and weather.

Snap layout

Microsoft introduced Window snapping called Aero Snap first in Windows 7 and has since been around. Windows 11 introduces fabulous layout presets to Aero Snap. These snap layouts offer four layouts options for up to four windows. For your convenience, the layouts are accessible from the application taskbar icons, and they are saved to ensure you don’t recreate them after performing other tasks on the computer.

Android apps

Android apps will be available on Windows 11 via the Amazon Appstore inside the updated Microsoft Store. the Android apps that you can comfortably install on your PC are limited. Luckily, Windows 11 is compatible with sideloading Android apps.

The revamped Microsoft Store will allow developers to include progressive web apps, Universal Windows Platform apps, and Win32 apps. The best news to the developers is that they will have the freedom of choosing their payment system.

Super gaming

Windows 11 will use features such as Auto HDR and DirectStorage API found in Xbox to provide excellent gaming on your computer. DirectStorage allows your PC to load the game’s data into your GPU. auto HDR allows automatic upgrade of games designed with DirectX 11 using SDR.

Additionally, Windows 11 will include an Xbox app for accessing the Xbox library on your computer and playing games with your Game Pass subscription.

Powerful virtual desktop support

With Windows 11, you will be able to set up virtual desktops similar to what MacOS offers, letting you switch between personal, work, school, and gaming desktops. It will also be possible to change each desktop’s wallpaper.

Is Windows 11 upgrade free?

Just like Windows 10, upgrading Windows 11 is free. However, unlike Windows 10, upgrading Windows 11 will not be straightforward due to its safety measures. Your system must meet the minimum requirements to receive this free upgrade. This upgrade does not support 32-bit CPUs.

Which computers are compatible with Windows 11?

There are vast PC models that support Windows 11, but there is no list of specific computers that support it. However, Microsoft has given a free PC Health Check application that you can use to check if your laptop is compatible with Windows 11. You can download the app on Microsoft’s Windows 11 to confirm if your computer will support Windows 11. If your computer is not compatible, the app will give you reasons as to why.

You can also use the WhyNotWin11 app or visit Microsoft’s website to learn the requirements for Windows 11.

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How do I install Windows 11?

Windows 11 is now the hottest buzz worldwide for PCs using Windows Update. As well as meeting the requirements for Windows 11, your PC should also support Windows 10, Version 2004 and above, and have an active Windows 10 license. For the update to be downloaded, you must also have a free storage space of 9 GB.

Here is how you install Windows 11 on your computer.

  • Click download now on Microsoft’s Windows 11 Installation Assistant.
  • When you complete the download, head over to where the file is located, right-click the program, and use the option of Run as administrator from the shortcut menu.
  • Then click Accept and Install. Windows 11 installation assistant will download and install Windows 11 automatically.
  • Restart your PC when the installation is complete. Your PC will display the Windows 11 system.

Is it possible to download Windows 11 for non-compatible computers?

When you have a Windows 10 PC that does not meet the requirements for updating to Windows 11, you can manually download an unsupported version of the OS for free. However, this version will not receive updates from Microsoft.

Is Windows 11 free?

Windows 11 update is free for PCs currently using Windows 10 and those that have met the requirements. New computers are also eligible for free download. This is a different approach from Microsoft, which traditionally charges for Windows updates.

Bottom line

Windows have provided excellent experience in the past, and Windows 11 operating system will take this experience to a higher level.

It’s worth upgrading to Windows 11 because it packages everything neatly. It is best to buy a computer compatible with Windows 11 to enjoy the great features of Windows 11. Microsoft might cease to support Windows 10 in a few years. So, why not upgrade to Windows 11 now?

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